"Serena Williams" JP Morgan Chase

Director: Brian Beletic

DP: Jac Cheairs

Producer: Erin Wile

Client: JP Morgan Chase

Agency: McGarry Bowen

Prod Co: Smuggler

"JiHAE" for Allure

Director: Elizabeth Lippman

DP: Jac Cheairs

Producer: Brienna Price

Client / Agency: Conde Nast

Prod Co: 3 Dog Pack Pictures

"The Weeks - UK Tour"

Director: Kiel

DP: Jac Cheairs

Producer: Hilary Weekes

Prod Co: Whiskey Bar Productions

Artist: Kings of Leon & The Weeks

Label: Serpents & Snakes

showreel 2017

"James Murphy" IBM & US Open

Director: Elizabeth Lippman

DP: Jac Cheairs

Producer: Luke McCullough

Client: IBM & US Open

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Prod Co: Tool of North America


Director / Writer: Sam Lembeck

DP: Jac Cheairs

Producer: Adam Bradshaw


Director: Jessica Brickman

DP: Jac Cheairs

Producer: David Dastmalchian

"House of Bones"

Director / Producer: Jillian Eugenios

DP: Jac Cheairs

Client / Agency: Great Big Story